Casa Melograno
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Learn about the owner operators of Casa Melograno

Learn all about your hosts Michelle and Angelo Tredicucci, who operate and own Casa Melograno.




Casa Melograno is the proud vision of Michelle and Angelo Tredicucci.

Both fluent in Italian and English, with a passion for the local food and wines, they are the perfect hosts to showcase the real Italy, to their guests...

Angelo was born and brought up in the nearby seaside, fishing village of Fano, whilst Michelle is the daughter of a British Army Officer, who lived in England, Hong Kong, Germany and Zimbabwe before settling in Bologna for ten years where she met Angelo.

Venturing closer to Michelle's parents in the South Pacific saw them raise their two boys, Luis and Eros, in New Zealand for over twenty years. During their time here, they began an artisan pasta-making business, Pastamia, supplying restaurants and delis all over New Zealand with gourmet, handmade pasta, alongside running their cafe of the same name. Catering for all sizes and demands of events, they enjoyed over twenty, hugely successful years in the food and hospitality industry before the lure of Italy came calling once again.

With their boys leaving home for their own adventures, Michelle and Angelo began to dream of returning to their beloved Italy. Stumbling on a partially ruined granary sparked a bold vision for their own slice of Italy and the creation of a legacy for their boys.

In 2014 the granary began its rebirth as Casa Melograno, named after the Pomegranate Tree. Several years of painstaking planning, construction and interior design then created the visionary home you see today.